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Teispoolsuse vesikupp
La alteridad del nenúfar

(2021 - Kohila Symposium)

      The sculpture represents the concept of mutation, of "otherness", changing one's own perspective for that of the "other side". In this case the possibility of removing our human skin and being a creature, an insect, or an animal. Recover the animal point of view and our relationship with nature, in delicate balance with the environment.

       Otherness implies that as humans we can understand the other, the animals and establishing relationships with the other based on dialogue and awareness and appreciation of existing differences. We can only exist through contact with others.

       The human being, as a social subject, inherently has a relationship of interaction and dependence with nature. In this installation the central figure dialogues with his surroundings, his aquatic environment. The balance between the forces of the plant, animal and human world.

In his hand he has a fish, I feed it from him, our food.

       The flowers have in their structure the shape of a vessel, of a pitcher to hold water. This jug will then contain the seeds, the origin of new life.

       The Fish is a Kevin Andrew Morris Collaboration.

      Fotos by Annika Haas / Florencia Califano

      Video register: Lumi Kristin Vihterpal & Jekaterina Kultajeva / Kohila Symposium

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